So Your Child is Not a Great Test Taker? Forget Test Scores & Still Get Into a Great School!

collegeaheadPicture this– Honor roll student with an out-going personality, active in the community, responsible and hard-working…..but there’s one problem: this kid sucks at taking tests! It remains a fact that some children (and adults) are simply not good test takers. In extreme cases, there is a name for it–testophobia! Yes, that is an actual phobia, and as much as I would like to take the credit, I didn’t just make that up. So what do you do with a student who is studious and intelligent, but can’t seem to pass standardized tests that are required to get into many colleges and universities? Or how about a student who is reluctant to take a test for fear of being judged based on a test score? ¬†Well according to, there are over 800 four-year colleges and universities that do not use SAT or ACT scores to admit a substantial number of their bachelor-degree applicants. So before altering your child’s future plans, take a look at some of their higher education options–no test scores required! Visit for a complete list of schools.